Individual consultations

Ideal for getting the most personalised and comprehensive sleep advice tailored to suit your needs at a time that is convenient to you

Appointments are 50 minutes and can be either in person (in my Wollongong or Thirroul office) or via video or telephone

Consultations may be eligible for a rebate (there are a number of pathways to obtain a rebate including NDIS, private health insurance and Medicare (mental health care plan or chronic disease management plan from your doctor).

Flexible online scheduling!

Group programs

Small online group program (6-10 mums)

This program runs for one hour for four consecutive weeks each

In this program you will learn everything you need to know to help your child get a good night’s sleep. 

This program a cost effective, long-term solution for poor sleepers

You will be given the tools, tips, strategies and support to end bedtime struggles once and for all so your child can get the sleep they need to thrive

This program delivers the recommended “gold standard” treatment for insomnia – cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (known as CBTi)

Drug-free solution

Sleep e-coaching programs

E-coaching programs – at long last!  A cost effective and clearly defined plan to get sleep back on track! 

Primary school sleep e-coaching program

  • You want your child to get a good night’s sleep so they can thrive!
  • You want your child to be happy and confident to go to bed without any distress, tantrums or excuses
  • You want your child to no longer miss out on fun experiences, such as sleepovers and school camps
  • You want to crush bedtime fears
  • You want to help them overcome separation anxiety
  • You want your child to sleep in their own bed – all night, every night!
  • You want them to fall asleep within 30 minutes (which is normal)
  • You want your child to no longer wake up during the night and need your assistance to get back to sleep
  • You want a simple and clear plan to follow
  • You want to enjoy some well earned ME time in the evenings
  • You want bedtime struggles to be a thing of the past

Once you purchase the primary school e-coaching plan, you will receive instant access to the online training program. The online course contains all the videos and resources you need to help your child get their sleep back on track.

In this workshop Amanda will address how to manage your child’s sleep struggles.

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Bedtime Delays and Protests
  • Middle of the Night Wake-Ups
  • Tears and Fears
  • Night-time Anxiety
  • Walking Out of the Room
  • So much more


This course does not come with direct 1:1 support with Amanda but at any time you are able to upgrade to email or phone support to have her personal guidance.  To be clear, purchasing this e-coaching plan does not initiate any type of therapeutic relationship with Amanda MacKay. This e-coaching plan is not therapy and does not replace therapy (saw this disclaimer on another website and thought it might be worthwhile using something similar – but don’t know if it’s a bit “in your face” off putting – think I probably need legal advice around this).

Coming Soon

Preschool sleep e-coaching program (3-5 years)

Teen sleep e-coaching program (13-18 years)

Adult sleep e-coaching program (18+)

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